Hear what health care professionals, family members, and our residents have to say about Carmelo Park.


Carmelo Park is great.  My patients always get the best care.  The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to my patients' needs. My patients tell me they feel like they are in their own home.  I have no hesitation recommending Carmelo Park for my patients. 

- Dr. Scott Schneiderman


The staff at Carmelo Park are incredible human beings!  The residents are well taken care of and (equally important) happy.  From a medical point of view, the staff are 'exceptional' at caring for my patients, and they see to it that things are salubrious.

- Dr. John Donaldson


Carmelo Park is truly "home" for our Moms! One Mom has been treated like a princess for 6 years, encouraging us to move the other Mom there. The past two years with both of them there have been so wonderful for our family - Carmelo provides a stable, loving home with the most committed and competent caregivers. As an RN myself, I feel very confident with their entire staff and the level of care provided.  We are very fortunate and grateful that there is a caring place like Carmelo Park for our parent.

- Cindy and Victor heintzberger


I live at carmelo park and love it!  the staff are friendly and nice and so very helpful.  Come by for a visit.

- Carol


If you're looking for a place that "feels like home" for a family member, i would highly recommend carmelo park in monterey.  it is well managed, with friendly, attentive staff, great food, daily planned activities and entertainment.  i encourage you to visit this well established facility and see for yourself!

- D. H. (Resident's spouse)