Questions about Carmelo Park and Assisted Living Facilities?

What is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly?

RCFEs or Assisted Living Facilities are community-based residential and caregiver arrangements available to elderly individuals who are in need of assistance in daily living activities. These facilities can be based in residential homes or be larger facilities specifically designed for this use. They are non-medical facilities, different from nursing homes or rehabilitation centers.

How does Carmelo Park handle end-of-life issues?

Carmelo Park is state-qualified for hospice services. Our caregivers are trained to assist residents who are on hospice or are in need of end-of-life care, including residents who are bed-bound and receive ongoing support from a hospice program.

How do families pay for cost of care?

The most typical method of payment is Private Pay through various methods (Social Security Benefits, VA Benefits, Long-term Care Insurance, etc.). Carmelo Park cannot accept MediCal or Medicaid. There are other options available to help families use non-liquid assets to cover the costs of careReverse mortgages, home equity lines of credit, Rex Agreements and EquityKey are real estate based asset conversion programs that provide seniors with financial solutions to their long-term home care needs. In addition to these programs, death benefit loans, life settlements, life care assurance benefits offer seniors a variety of methods for converting their life insurance policies to pay for home care as well. Please consult a financial advisor or your insurance company for more information about these options.