Activities play a key role in life at Carmelo Park. There is always an opportunity to participate in personal or group activities in the arts and crafts area, the library, the exercise room, or at community events. Our activity coordinator plans programs along with the residents – allowing them to continue to pursue those talents they have developed over the years and also to discover new areas of interest. We publish a monthly activity calendar and we take time to encourage each resident, every day, to join us for activities. Take a look at the Activity Calendar below to see all that’s happening at Carmelo Park!

Recurring Activities

  • Weekly musical performances
  • Group exercise/games
  • Wii video sports games
  • Happy Hour
  • Weekly Beautician Visits
  • Walking groups
  • Sensory Circle
  • Pet Therapy Visits

Special Activities

  • Movie nights
  • Sporting events (Superbowl party, World Series Baseball)
  • Visiting Performances (Greek Dancers, Choral Groups)
  • Candlelight Dinner